"This is my favourite duo and not merely because I am a member of their fan club. They bring together some of what I consider to be the most important characteristics of a musical duo. First of all, inventiveness—playing creatively not only transcriptions of Vivaldi and original pieces by Sor, but their own compositions as well, like guitarists used to do once upon a time, all presented delicately but with more contemporary music and using modern musical language. Then, dialectic integrity—the sensation of being a single unit, not in a simple way by playing in the same manner, but in the full richness of their different temperaments and sound colours. And finally, refinement—all this is carried out with great musicality, a fine sensibility, humour, and elegance".

Sasa Dejanovich (Croatia)


"In recent years I've been to four really GREAT concerts: the first one was Julian Bream's concert in 1995, the second was by Aniello Desiderio in 1996, the third was Trevor Pinnock’s performance of the "Messiah" by Haendel with The English Concert in 2000, and the last one was the concert by pianist Arcady Volodos in 2002. Now I'm really happy to add one more event to this list: the concert by the brilliant duo Salvatore Seminara - Paolo Devecchi, 2011!".

Alexei Belousov (Russia)